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All of the lovely pictures sent to us can now be found on our Face Book page and sometimes on our blog

Blue, one of our beautiful Labrador guests in 2007 - kindly sent by Neil Mckay

These lovelies stayed with us in 2010 - they are Lucy lurcher, Robbie and Flora MacDonald and live with Sue Weeks

The beautiful Zebedee who holidays with regular guests, Andy and Lara - March 2012.

14 weeks and stunning! Iggy - getting a carry off the hill. He came in July with David Stone and Nicola McFarlane.

Rock relief Scottie or Schnauzer or....? He was captured by the very observant Sabine, from Germany and we just love him.


'Freya' on the road to Diabaig - Scottish Thistles included. A gorgeous puppy who looks so at home in the landscape. Thank you Jackie Thomson for sending us this. (Grace Cottage is located just between her ears)!

Now, this is the sweet Geogie who visits with Wendy Johnston (and her mum and dad). really pooped after a long walk!

This is Darwin Osborne enjoying a break near Shieldaig - he visited with his Mum and Dad in August


Anne and Frank gave the beautiful Scrumpy (Spaniel), Perry, Olly, Katy and Emma a lovely holiday in September 2012

Returning guests, Vic had Pat had lovely weather in October 2012  with  their fabulous working dogs Raasay and Jura.

These beautiful boys on the Craig walk from Grace Cottage during their August 2011 Holiday - so regal!

No little dog (not even hiding in the rucksack) but a lovely view of Diabaig bay from the 'circuit walk' Thank you Rob and Ruth

Altogether now aaah! Lovely, Fergus in front and Milly behind feeling at home at Grace Cottage with the Allen family


The handsome Coll and Muck regular, welcome visitors posing above Grace Cottage in May

Jock and William looking at home on the rugged  hill opposite Grace Cottage - a Lovely couple of April Guests

Now isn't he handsome? Mr. P who visited in April with his pack and his wider friends and Juliet his Mum

All the girls! Regular Grace Cottages guests, Rachael and the gorgeous Tilly, Holly and Nora above Grace Cottage in June.

Delightful dogs Dylan and Jenni enjoying Grace Cottage's Garden with Mum and Dad, Janet and Euan who sent us this:


Pass the heather and the sheep, over the cattle grid,            Morning mists on the fields,
And climb the hill with the mighty will,                                 Sun glistering on Loch Torridon,
To Grace Cottage, nestled in the highland mountains,          Sunlight through the clouds, the thistles grow,

With mystic music of its own.                                            And the magical lucky white heather shiver.


Some of the roads lead down and down,                              A collie and a collie cross, out on their wanders,
But follow the roads that climb,                                           To the garden they did sniff,

A white stoned cottage,                                                      Dylan and Jenni, our delightful dogs,

The dogs excited, their holiday started here.                         Exploring Grace Cottage with glee.


Happy settled in the snug,

Dreaming of beach runs,

Their Mum and Dad chilling with a glass of wine.                   Grace Cottage a gem in the highland wild.



These lovely boys are Jack and Ben Griffiths their Mums caption for this "Just because Dad has the map , doesn't mean he knows where he's going" October 2013.





Snowy Taylor-Grimes chilling after Diabaig adventures...beautiful. What a great place to warm a bottle of red too!