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    DORSET HOLIDAY COTTAGE guest gallery and Mutt shots

All of the lovely pictures sent to us can now be found on our Face Book page and sometimes on our blog


Whiffy (Clifford) on holiday with Harvey, Olivia, Daisy and Mum and Dad in July 2011

Symmetry - two lovely 'babes in arms' New Year 2010

Archie Willmot's first holiday with us 2011 - such a beautiful MT boy!

Norma Trodd's big and little lovelies in sunny mid March 2012

Scrumptious sleepy puppy Rufus, on his first holiday - we are so pleased he had a good time, Lynda, Roy and Rory Ellis too!

Regular welcome guests, the lovely Ella and Benson Drewer enjoying their walk on Golden Cap in September 2012

Left to right Bronagh, Gracie, Ruby, Phoebe and George Purton on the bench in the garden, September 2012 Ahhh xxx

This pretty pack of rescued Cavs belong to Fleur and Ted Turner. What sweethearts, they visited in September 2012

The wonderful Winston from Wales who came with his Mum and Dad Mike and Kim in October 2012

Lovely Lilly Lab  and handsome Holly (rescue from Lizzie's Barn Sanctuary), chilling at Clematis Cottage with their human family in October 2012 and below, Lily enjoying a paddle at Charmouth.

'The fabulous Fluffies' who came with Many Tears fosterer Jenny Hail

Bert (in arms) and Biddy, still raring to go, such darling guests who came with Mum and Dad Pitman

Sue's Squigly, Ben and Louis (possibly in Bridport). A delightful and loyal mixed pack, who were very April 2013

Diamond and Ozzie Roffey who stayed with their family (the Roffeys) in August. Beautiful and obviously happy dogs!

Lola (nearest the fire) and Nessy doing what all lovely dogs do - hogging the fire! Very special guests, September 2013 with below, equally special, Steph, Dan and little Dougie Lewin.

Here is the beautiful regular guest Frodo enjoying his holiday. We look forward to welcoming him in 2014!

Fin, Tyler and Oscar Hernandez paddling and chilling such lovely guests!

The little Toddies and Scrumpie and Dad at Clematis Cottage and one at Grace Cottage Aaaah x

Ellie, Molly and Indy Quan on their hols in July - beautiful girls!

This is Bella Cooper - a treasured guest March 2014, so nice to see her having a good time!

All of the lovely pictures sent to us can now be found on our Face Book page and sometimes on our blog