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All of the lovely pictures sent to us can now be found on our Face Book page and sometimes on our blog

Anne Tod's gorgeous pack sunning themselves in our garden - March 2012

Roy and Archie Willmot enjoying our local beach - May 2012

 Pam Squrrell's sweethearts waiting for a treat - June 2012


Sleek and fit, Ned is reading his messages in July - he visited with Emma, Andy and Marlene.

Vanessa and Jim's happy Westies in August. Look at those toys!!! Archie is the big boy, Hamish is teeny tiny and Katie is the Oldest - all of them are just lovely.

These beautiful Yorkies, Skye and Tyke came to visit with Jeanette and Matthew - we are glad they had a happy holiday xx


Well, what beautiful and regal guests we had in June! They kindly allowed their owner, Rachael, to provide accommodation that they approved of, arrange outings, swimming and sun bathing and of course transportation!

The Bev and Phil Haydon gang, Honey, Pepper, Jack and Louis with Mum watching the seals at Horsey beach. I'd be watching her lovely dogs if I was lucky enough to be there.

Finlay, Oscar and Tyler seal watching too. We have such beautiful visitors to our barn! They came with Jill and Trev in October 2012

Winnie and Murphy behaving beautifully in Felbrig grounds - well we should expect that, they are clever collies. They came with Barbara and Craig in October 2012

Sara and Tony brought Cleo, Max and Buddy, this fabulous trio of Lurchers, to stay in November 2012. They made themselves right at home in the barn after checking out our local beach..


Ian and Leonie's lovelies, Noah (black lab) Phoebe and Libby enjoying the warm November sunshine in 2012

Regular guests Jeff's fabulous 'boys' racing the tide on 'our' Trimingham Beach

Beautiful Frodo wants to come back - oh yes! He walked with his Mum and Dad to the Vernon Arms in the snow.

Beautiful Bailey, Ellie and Rio on Wells beach with Nicola and Steve in February - good job they have warm coats.

Cassie, Millie, Faffy and Bree who came to stay with Faith and Lisa - weren't we lucky to have these beauties

Well, now what can we say! So fabulous to see these two gorgeous labs, Maisie (Choccy) and Rudy who visited again with Liz and Darren. March 2013


Janet and Bill's darling little 'Greenies' Phoebe, Molly, Benson, Tara, Benje and Jack. March 2013

What beautiful guests enjoying the garden - Roly and Watson Lenko May 2013 (They are visiting for Christmas too)

This pretty darling having a happy holiday is Ailsa Kirk. She came with her Mum and had a date with a carnival to get back to

Toby and Candy who visited with Nicole and Ken don't they look beautiful and serene at Milestone barn?

Sweep, Arthur, Badger and Stanley Roote. Aren't they just adorable and they can't wait to come back!

... We had an amazing Christmas Day walk on Holkham Bay! Sunshine and lots of fun during a very enjoyable walk, we love being here!

Roly and Watson Lenko in their Christmas tinsel - such beautiful boys, Rosie is in love xx

Jessie, Mollie and Bob Wood, super models if I'm not very much mistaken!

Back to work today after a wonderful week at Milestone Barn. We really loved it, and the dogs had a blast on the beaches! Thank you!

These fabulous, ready for anything Family Hicks Collies, enjoying Trimingham beach

Here are the gorgeous Greenies once again at Milestone Barn altogether aaahhh

Clockwise: Ruby, Scuff, Indy and Max is with them eying up Billy's Kamikaze chickens. Thanks to Rod Giles for sending these fab pics of their gorgeous dogs enjoying their spring 2014 holiday

Beautiful Breeze and Dolly Blyth showing how to perfectly pose for a pic at Milestone Barn in June 2014

All of the lovely pictures sent to us can now be found on our Face Book page and sometimes on our blog