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There is really nothing we can say that will do justice to the lochs and mountains around Diabaig. The changing light is an artist and photographer's dream. The stars fill the heavens and the dawn is rarely less than dramatic. Walking, you may see wildlife and birds found only in this area, as well as deer, otter and mountain goats. The coastal path goes for miles and miles, allowing you to see Skye and the Outer Hebrides in all their glory. Whatever the weather, one is always drawn into the solitude found in this unique landscape.

There are so many mountains over 3000' around Diabaig that the Munro 'bagger' will be wondering which ones to choose and the leisure walker will have so many waterfalls and lochans to see that they will hardly have time to take them all in. Those seeking respite from city life will find beauty just by stepping outside Grace Cottage’s door and strolling on the mountain pass. The Highlands are a land of rainbows, tumbling streams, vast wilderness and rugged emptiness. Our cottage sits in this landscape as it has for centuries, in a timeless zone of peace and tranquillity.

A professional photographer guest said “Snow, ice, sunshine, white clouds, rain, stillness, technicolour dawns and sunsets, charm, - If you want it all – it’s all here - Golden eagles inclusive”!

Gaze over the sea to Skye from Grace cottage garden